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Greenhouses do not have to be large and spacious to be useful. The big ones are great if you are a commercial grower, or live on an acreage, but if you have only a small space for growing, then a mini greenhouse can serve you very well.

Mini greenhouses can be located on a balcony, a patio or deck, or in a yard. Many of them are as small as 6 square feet, but larger ones are available if you have the space. Although 6 square feet seems small, every inch can be utilized to provide a good growing space.3 tier mini greenhouse

Need protection for a few pots of flowers before its warm enough to set them out? A mini greenhouse is easy to set up, inexpensive, and simple to collapse and store later.

How can I use my Mini Greenhouse?

  • Use it to protect plants in the cool shoulder seasons of spring and autumn.
  •  As a protected spot to start your seedlings.
  • A protected spot to grow herbs or small vegetables all year long.
  • Use it to protect tender perennials through the winter months.
  • Place pots of flowering plants on the shelves for an attractive display.
  • Place house plants in a mini greenhouse for a healthy change. Tropical types of plants receive a humid and hot climate to enjoy, while protecting them from rain, wind and insects.

Here’s another type of mini plant protector.

Mini Greenhousse seed house
Labeled as a ‘Flower House Seed Starter‘, you can see that this has more than just that one use. The rip stop fabric diffuses light, promoting plant growth. The UV protective coating provides a longer life. Because it has no bottom, it could be easily set up over existing plants. A small mini greenhouse like this is a perfect addition to any small space garden.

What does a mini greenhouse cost?

Many types of mini greenhouses are available, ranging in price from around $40 to over $400. Some of the least expensive ones are simply a metal or plastic frame covered with poly plastic sheeting and with a zippered door.

Small greenhouses are much less expensive to buy than their full sized ‘parents’. Their small size can even be an advantage. They don’t take up much room. Because they’re light weight, they can easily be moved. They can be stored in a small space in the summer  or winter months when you don’t need to use them.

wood frame mini greenhouse
Simple Wood Framed Mini Greenhouse

They range in size from two to five removable shelves or tiers and are easily set up. The downside is they are less sturdy and are lightweight, so may be blown over by wind or knocked over. Placing them in a protected spot is imperative.

Others have a wood framework and shelves, with sides and top of single or twin-walled rigid polycarbonate sheets. They are sturdier and heavier, so less susceptible to strong winds. The polycarbonate sheets are stronger than glass and a better insulator than poly sheeting.

Some are designed to be free-standing, while others are designed to be put against a wall. These lean-to types use the wall for protection and shelter, as well as a heat sink.

If you plan on using a greenhouse only to grow a few plants, to germinate seeds or to protect a few plants over the winter, then a portable greenhouse may be all just what you need.

A mini greenhouse can be a good investment for any gardener, and a useful supplement for a gardener with a larger greenhouse.

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